We wanted you to be the first to know! We’re proud to announce the launch of Gregory + Vine, our new corporate name and brand identity. Read the full release here.

Our foundations are firmly rooted in PR, but over the past 10 years our scope has shifted dramatically. We’re committed to PR, but communications in our age requires a dynamic approach. Our brand campaigns span PR, digital, events, sponsorships, direct-to-consumer promotion, research, and more. Our company identity wasn’t living up to the work we do every day.

We got our start in wine, but the vine has grown since 2001. We represent wine, beer, spirits, water and hospitality companies; Chefs and lifestyle influencers; and travel and design brands. Vines climb and trail. They hold fast and endure, and require training to thrive. We want to manage growth and follow the natural course that digital, experiential marketing, and influencer strategies now afford great communications agencies.

Leadership and vision matter. We could not do this without the drive of our management team, including Managing Director Trish Heywood, who heads account management and agency strategy, and Natasja Mallory, who has led global accounts for the past 8 years. Together we have the privilege of supporting an extraordinary account team, who deliver results-driven and creative, strategic thinking daily.

We want to live our brand, and fully realize its potential. Our brand promise is to give back: to our clients by surpassing expectations, to our team as friends and colleagues, and to our communities. We’ve launched VINE+ to showcase some of the extraordinary people, places and charities that we support. Thank you for your support! Helen